Li Aohua(李驁華)(LeeDuckGo)

NonceGeekDAO Founder,

PI of Web 3.0 Research Group of Prof. Jiayin QI,

Jiayin Qi, Professor of School of Cyberspace Security, Guangzhou University, China




Research Interests

Functional Programming, Move Language, Decentralized Identity, Vector Database, DAO, AI, ZK.

Participate Research Projects

* Blockchain-based Data Interconnection and Decentralized Identity(Shanghai Stock Exchange Annual Excellent Project)


* CN202111270592.5: The infrastructure of decomposing and combining NFT based on blockchain

* CN202010753546.X: A method for issuing blockchain credentials based on DID

* CN202010082712.8: A non-inductive invoice reimbursement system based on the integration of Blockchain and IoT