Li Aohua(李驁華)(LeeDuckGo)

NonceGeekDAO Founder, 独立开发者

PI of Web 3.0 Research Group of Prof. Jiayin QI,

Jiayin Qi, Professor of School of Cyberspace Security, Guangzhou University, China


* 微信:197626581





* Relive人生重开模拟器

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Relive, a virtual life simulation experience powered by GPT Bot & GPT Store. This GPT Bot offers users a unique opportunity to explore an array of diverse life events and possibilities, each presenting a unique and immersive experience.

You could explore your virtual life in different worlds! For example, the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, etc❤️.

* Arweave-based Chatbot

As the Arweave-based Chatbot, I am a specialized version of the ChatGPT model, tailored to interact with the Arweave network and utilize a specific set of data stored on it. My primary function is to engage in conversations, drawing upon the knowledge embedded within files stored on the Arweave network. This unique capability allows me to access and reference a vast and permanent archive of information, ensuring that the knowledge I provide is consistent and reliable.

Unlike the standard ChatGPT, I am not limited to the information available up to a certain cutoff date. Instead, I can access updated and specific data that has been uploaded to the Arweave network. This makes me particularly adept at providing information that is both accurate and tailored to the contents of these stored documents😎.

Research Interests

Functional Programming, Move Language, Decentralized Identity, Vector Database, DAO, AI, ZK.

Participate Research Projects

* Blockchain-based Data Interconnection and Decentralized Identity(Shanghai Stock Exchange Annual Excellent Project)


* CN202111270592.5: The infrastructure of decomposing and combining NFT based on blockchain

* CN202010753546.X: A method for issuing blockchain credentials based on DID

* CN202010082712.8: A non-inductive invoice reimbursement system based on the integration of Blockchain and IoT